Eri is the DM. This is her first time running a campaign, but she wants to do it well. Her speech bubbles are pink.
Alex is a fairly experienced roleplayer who usually charges straight into wherever he thinks the plot is going. This can sometimes produce less-than-optimal results. So far, he has played Captain Pike and Captain Kirk. His speech bubbles are orange.
Kate is another experienced roleplayer who has played with Eri, Alex, and Leah before. She likes to take her time and explore her character and her surroundings. So far, she has played Number One and Commander Spock. Her speech bubbles are dark blue.
Emma is a new roleplayer who is still trying to figure out what's going on, and who isn't very outgoing. She was invited by Kate. So far, she has played the unnamed yeoman in The Cage, as well as Ensign Bailey. Her speech bubbles are light blue.
Leah has played with Alex, Eri, and Kate before, but has something of a reputation for causing trouble on campaigns by prioritizing power above all else, even playing against the party to achieve it. So far, she has played Vina, Dr. Dehner, and Leuitenant Hikaru Sulu. Her speech bubbles are light green.
Robert is a new roleplayer who was invited to the group by Alex, and who likes jumping right in and doing whatever outrageous things he can get away with. So far, he has played the doctor in The Cage, Gary Mitchell, and Dr. McCoy. His speech bubbles are red.
Terrance is the mysterious being that leaves the alt text on the comics. He believes that he is a satellite.
(Last Updated 06/11/14)